Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend: Closet Cleanup

One of my goals for this year was to clean out our upper walk-in closet.  It was fairly organized right after we moved in (around a year and a half ago) but has since deteriorated...

Before: The horror!

Okay, so it doesn't actually look that bad (...right?).  But hubby and I had gotten into the bad habit (well, I had gotten into the habit, I don't think he paid much attention in the first place...) of just plopping whatever we needed to put away in whatever spot we found without really caring about where it went or what it looked like. Like that precarious blue suitcase...what's up with that???

So I loaded up with copious amounts of coffee and decided that this was the weekend.

After:  You can actually walk inside without tripping!

Basically this involved taking (almost) everything out and putting (almost) everything back in again.  I cleaned out a bunch of boxes (kept only the ones we will want to use to move again) and condensed some things down.  My biggest tip for storage is just keeping like things together.

Wedding china, re-organized together.

Perfect niche for suitcases.  No more precarious balancing act.

Wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, tissue and bows.  Stored better and more easily accessible.  Also got rid of a bunch of bags/tissue paper that wasn't worth holding onto.

Games, spare wedding stuff (envelopes, paper, extra invites, etc.), wedding cards...

Going through some of these things was fun, mostly the wedding stuff.  I put our wedding cards into a different, more sturdy box, and it was fun to read through them as I sorted everything out.  I hadn't looked at them since we got married 2 1/2 years ago, so it was kind of a strange feeling to see cards from people who have since passed on.  It was fun to read through all of the well-wishes from that day though, and even more fun to read the hilarious notes from our friends.  Like the one who gave us a sympathy card reading "So sorry for your loss...of the single life!"

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