Tuesday, December 24, 2013

28 Weeks

Got a surprise at our 28-week ultrasound...3D images!  The tech asked if we had any 3D images done of the babies.  I told her that we hadn't and didn't really think anything of it...anyone I know who's had it done has gone to a separate ultrasound lab and paid extra for the images.  I thought it would be cool to see, but we're already having enough ultrasounds done, and they'll be here soon enough, that the cost didn't seem justified to me. A few minutes later the tech switched the machine over and started doing 3D views right there!

Twin A: 2 pounds, 11 ounces.  And cute as a button.  Just look at that profile!

Twin B: 2 pounds, 7 ounces.  Also cute as a button.  B was facing a different way and harder to get images of, but you can still see the cute face.

Tyson and I might be a bit biased, but we think we make pretty cute babies. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Post Weekend

It was a Christmas-y weekend, which involved:

Making cranberry bars.  These are a must for this time of year.  And they've been my breakfast all week...

Going to see "A Christmas Carol".  One of our good couple friends scored some free tickets (win!), and the husband HAD NEVER SEEN "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" BEFORE.  Like, not even the Disney version.  He had no idea what it was about.   Luckily he enjoyed it, and it really was awesome.  Except when I went to the bathroom at intermission and the old lady behind me decided she had to chat me up because I'm pregnant.  Which wasn't necessarily so bad until she told me "Wow, you're huge already!" after finding out I still had a couple of months to go.  And yes, she knew by this point in our conversation that there are twins in there.  Gee, thanks...

Christmas present wrapping.  This year I used craft paper, burlap, baker's twine, and gift tags.  I already had the craft paper and burlap from last year, so all I had to buy was the twine and tags.  Directions: wrap gift with craft paper.  Cut a small square or length of burlap.  Hold burlap in place by winding around and around and around with baker's twine.  Add gift tag.  The end.  I'm picky with my gift wrapping.  The craft paper's great because it's so heavy, and the roll is so thick it lasts forever, which isn't bad for $4.99 a roll. And you can use it year round by tying with different ribbon, etc., unlike most Christmas paper, which tends toward the cheesy side.  Also clear gift wrap tape is a MUST.  Regular Scotch tape just won't do.