Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Caden: now is my chance!

(This was right after I wrote this, so...yeah.  Post something on the internet and all your dreams will come true!)


Floor picnics are where it's at, yo.

Sometimes it feels like all I do is 1) Make food.  2) Serve food/ration out portions of food/make sure no one is choking on food.  3) Clean up mess (oh lordy, the mess).  Which consequently makes it seem like they spend most of their waking hours in their high chair.  Solution: floor picnic!  Which, this was a quick snack (with dry, fairly non-messy foods) on a day that they slept late and were already going to have an early dinner (so I could go out for drinks with the ladies.  Priorities.) but it worked.  You could tell that they knew this was an unusual thing, because they kept looking around and grinning.

And also stuffing their faces as fast as they could.

What you can't see is the pile of snacks that surround Caden, since his method of eating remains 1) pick up as much food as possible in his tiny fists and 2) get 1-2 pieces of said food into mouth, resulting in a small mountain of food pieces to pile up around him.


Also, because adorable (apparently dinner is exhausting):

The best part is that when he woke up, he started, waving his arms, which upended his bucket bib over his head, completely covering him in rice.  Then, without missing a beat, he began shoveling fistfulls of rice into his face.  Because it's totally normal to wake up to mountains of freshly prepared food in front of you.

(Wouldn't that be nice?)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Post Weekend (aka the Giraffe of Terror)

We gave the babies one of their Christmas presents over the weekend, since there was no way I was dragging this thing back and forth to my parents house.  (Y'know, since with the Prius and all it'd be either bring the babies' present or bring the babies.  Decisions.)

The anticipation...

(No babies were harmed in the opening of this present.)

Yay - cardboard and plastic bags!  Just what we wanted!'s a giraffe!  A rocking giraffe!  I love Brooklyn's expression here, like, "Ta da!  Look at that!  It wasn't just a plastic bag after all!"

This is the first and last time Caden willingly got this close to the giraffe.  Because then...

Well, this was Tyson's expression when he accidentally hit a button on the back of the giraffe's head and music started playing.  It was...not good.  

This is Caden melting down over the terrible music, half of whose lyrics I couldn't even understand.  It was loud, poorly done, and admittedly kind of creepy.  (As Brooklyn looks on with a bemused expression, nonplussed by either the giraffe, it's music, or Caden's terror.)  Now when I bought the giraffe, I didn't even know that it played music until I was about to check out and happened to see the full description.  I just wanted a giraffe.  That rocked.  The end.  As Tyson said, they are solving a problem that doesn't exist by having the giraffe play music...I mean, do they have to put electronics in everything?  But I figured, whatever, the giraffe was cute and they like buttons, it'll be fine.  (Besides, I got a wicked good deal on it.)  And don't you think that somewhere in the reviews someone would have mentioned that the music sounds like it was created by Satan himself?  The only reviews I saw that referenced the music at all mentioned that the buttons were hard to push (which...ours weren't.  At all.  As evidenced by the music being played by accident in the first place.)

Thankfully there is an off switch.  And I have a feeling it will stay that way, now and forever, amen.

At first Brooklyn was all, what are these fools making me do now?

But then she was all, yee-haw!



...there.  I coaxed a smile out of him.  Almost.  Sort of.  (Those eyebrows!  They get me every time.)

Brooklyn now loves the thing and smiles and hugs it while she's rocking.  She also crawls over, touches his nose, kisses (aka eats) his nose, and giggles.  It's adorable.

We're gonna chalk this one up as a win.

Not related, but also...

 who is this big kid, and where did he come from?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It Has Begun to Look... least a little bit like Christmas.

(A few of my favorites from their Christmas photos.)

We put up only a little pre-lit, three-foot tree for Christmas this year, since our normal-sized tree would only be attacked by two miniature people, (not to mention that it has this glittery snow stuff on it that they would ingest/be perpetually covered in/get EVERYWHERE).  I didn't even bother to really decorate it except for some ribbon, with the idea that if they touch it =  no big deal.  And of course, because it's something that they can totally touch/is right at their level/have full access to, they completely ignore it.  Brooklyn has given one of the lights a poke with her little pointer finger approximately once.  Maybe twice.  The only reason I got any of these pictures is because I plopped them both right in front of it and then took out my camera.  Not that they really even bothered with the tree...

Hey Brooklyn - look at this bear!  LOOK AT IT!!!!1!!


Imma eat your face off, bear.

I decided that this is Brooklyn's bear, since his fur has a reddish tone, like hers...

...and this is Caden's bear.  Pale on pale.  Seems appropriate.

Of course, the tree, bears, etc. will all be forgotten when there is an expensive piece of technology in the vicinity.

And then all Christmas-related decor was abandoned, as they went on their merry way to literally go play on top of a pile of toys.  Hey, y'know what we should do?  Have a holiday in a couple of weeks where they get MORE toys!  *facepalm*

Monday, December 8, 2014

Post Weekend

(Note: I hate blog post titles.  They're the worst.  This isn't even really post-weekend so much as it is post-Sunday.  Plus most of my blog posts could just be titled: "Hey Take a Look at These Two Cute Babies Doing Cute Things.  Again.")

(Of course now that I just said all that I've made myself into a lying-liar because these first two pictures are from SATURDAY.  But the rest are from Sunday, swearsies.)

This is my view most days as I am trying to eat breakfast and/or lunch and/or a snack (unless we are eating at the same time, which sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't, and most days ends up with my food ending up completely ice cold as I constantly refill their trays/pick up dropped food/make them MORE food/etc.).

"Oh hai!"

It's not a bad view, but I also can't shake the feeling that they look like little dogs just waiting for me to drop them some scraps.

We tried blueberries for the first time, (specifically, these banana pancakes which I added blueberries to), which seemed like a great idea when I saw the blueberries in the store, but then remembered when I got home that...oh yeah.  Blueberries=messy.

Really the photos do not quite capture the blueberries in all their juicy glory.

Especially the blueberry-stained fingers.

Mess aside, they seem to have been a hit.

We ate (mostly) naked, with a sheet on the floor, and scrubbed down good after.

Tyson was gone for most of the weekend again (cue reinforcements of the grandma variety), but they saved one of their biggest discoveries for when he got home:

The cabinets.  There's stuff inside of them.  Minds=blown.  (Annnnddd...that tin foil box got taken away after I realized, oh yeah, sharp teeth.  Not so much for babies.)

Caden has especially enjoyed standing up and banging the cabinet doors repeatedly against the frame for the past couple of weeks, but then discovered that, hey...the stays open!

Caden: "This is AWESOME!"

Action shot of flying tupperware!



This all seems to be in order.

Not shown: Caden absolutely BIFFING it into the side of the cabinet right after I took these pictures, resulting in a perfect little cut next to his eye (which was a lot more red and puffy and whole-side-of-the-face-consuming yesterday).  Nice one, me!  But after I consoled his wails for all of thirty seconds, all he wanted to do was get back down on the floor and play, so...yeah.  Might as well take some more photos there.

He immediately became obsessed with the rolling pin, banging and rolling it across the floor.  You're welcome, People That Live Below Us!

Caden also started CRAWLING last night.  Like belly off the floor.  He is the most spectacular army crawler ever, and super fast, (although Brooklyn crawls "normally", it would be pretty close if they were in a race) (and yes, OF COURSE I've tried to get them to race before, but so far it hasn't really worked), and last night after his bath he just...up and started crawling on his hands and knees.  (I tried to get a video of it, but Tyson jinxed it all by saying, "Oh that will be easy to do." after I expressed my desire for said video, which of course resulted in NO GOOD VIDEO WHATSOEVER.)

Today he seems to be back to only army crawling, THANK GOODNESS.  I love his army crawling way too much for him to just give it up altogether.