Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sick Bay

Reason #328 why it stinks to be an adult: when you're sick, you can't show up to work in your sweatpants.

This is my nightstand right now:

So...I'm coping.  The perils of working in a small office are that I can't just take off when I start feeling crappy.  The perils of working as a designer also mean that I am working against deadlines, and promises, and real-life projects that can't just be rescheduled because I feel a little under the weather. Far cry from college where I could roll into class wearing aforementioned sweatpants if I felt like crap (or if I didn't).  Also probably having just woken up and without showering or fixing my hair.  It's the type of sick where it's not quite bad enough to keep me home (no fevers or throwing up), but bad enough that I'd much rather lay low for a day, if given the chance.

Yet there's a strange sort of (almost) comfort in being sick.  The routine is the same-whether you're 8 or 26. You sleep a little more, drink more fluids, wear comfy clothes (when you can), snuggle under blankets, take some pills.  The rules are relaxed a little bit and you don't do much of anything.  Catch up on some sleep, some reading, and hope that your body fights this thing off as fast as it possibly can.

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