Monday, January 6, 2014


This was the perfect weekend to camp in.  Seriously, who ordered in two+ weeks of these arctic temperatures?  Windchill of 45 below?  That shouldn't even be allowed.  It felt like a long weekend since I worked from home of now I have been in our apartment for 30 hours and counting.  I'm about ready to go stir-crazy, but not quite yet...

Finished up some thank-you notes from the previous weekend's shower in the Twin Cities. And drank coffee (decaf, of course).

Cookie dough...

Baked cookies...

Cooling cookies.  

Also, I have never owned a cooling rack.  Just doubled-up paper towels.  It's probably something that would make my life easier but that I never think of buying until I am in the middle of baking cookies.  Another also, I just read the most interesting article about the science of chocolate chip cookie making.  I want to try out his recipe and some of his findings some day, but yesterday pregnant me just said, "Warm chocolate chip cookies. Now."  So I obeyed.

What's that?  Ain't no thang...just my new DSLR camera (and a 30-week pregnant-with-twins belly).  Christmas/b-day present courtesy of the in-laws.  I'd been wanting one for awhile but had only mildly delved into researching the specs and options out there.  I'm pretty happy with it.  Let's be honest, I'm mostly going to use it to take photos of food, our place, hubby, and babies, so I don't need anything super fancy.  Too many options would just be unnecessary and confusing.  I've had fun playing with it a bit, and so far, so good.

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