Monday, October 3, 2011

The Anniversary

Hard to believe that JUST a year ago (ok, a year and a day.  With all the adventure of celebrating this weekend, I'm a day late.) we were doing this...
...and this...
...and a whole lotta this!

Fast forward to this weekend, where we journeyed to Chicago to celebrate our first amazing, crazy, busy, fun, hard, incredible, ordinary, ridiculous, loving, surprising, wonderful year of marriage.

And while going to Chicago was a much-needed get-away for the two of us, my biggest surprise came as we were leaving the city.  That's when I got to open my present to find...

(click to enlarge)  
Yup, a present I have to work for.  As if I haven't done ENOUGH to earn TRUCKLOADS of gifts for the unselfish and loving wife* I have been during this past year.  (*Also selfish and unloving at times, but hey, we've all got our flaws.)

Here goes nothin...
Found: book #6, in the linen closet.  I actually thought of this hiding spot on my way home, so I was happy to find my first book here.
Found:  book #3, underneath the bookshelf.
Found:  book #4, behind all the DVDs.  Fun fact: #4 is the only one we also own the DVD of, so book #4 was hidden behind it's corresponding movie.
Found:  book #5, underneath the shoe shelf in the front closet.  Note: ignore the ugly, terrible, over-flowing, honey-you-need-to-take-out-the-recycling, recycling bag.
Found:  book #7, in the upstairs bathroom that we don't really use.  Also notice my shape-shifting appearance change since this was getting dangerously close to the time we needed to leave for church.
Found:  book #2!  Really, honey, really???  

So there you have it.  I even managed to restore my hubby's soul just in time to leave for church.  

Happy FIRST Anniversary, Honey!

Our (slightly chilly) carriage ride in Chicago.  


  1. I LOVE this! Well written, clever, cute, funny and so sweet— the story of the blog AND the writing. I so enjoyed this! Can't believe it's been a year...happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples!

  2. Thanks Cass! :) I can't believe you found any time to read this while you are off adventuring in Europe...hope you are having fun!