Tuesday, January 10, 2017

These Are the Days

I lay snuggled up in bed last night, propped up on pillows as I finished Emily P. Freeman's Simply Tuesday.  Towards the end she talked about writing down in her journal "these are the days of..." and listed what was going on in her life.  I immediately set her book (well, my tablet) aside, grabbed my journal, and started scribbling.

These are the days of:
  • (too) early mornings with (too) early risers
  • leggings and comfy shirts
  • Cheerios for breakfast
  • ...found later scattered on the floor and tucked into folds of clothing
  • not enough coffee (at least of the hot variety)
  • knowing all the words to the songs in Daniel Tiger and Super Why
  • living in danger of being loved to death by a big brother and sister
  • wiping too many bottoms
  • being bundled in a dinosaur coat and a polka dot one
  • three in the Target cart
  • picking up too many toys
  • savoring the quiet of naptime (blessed naptime)
  • resenting the apperance of a too-short napper
  • the infectious excitement of a baby when I walk into the room
  • lazy (as much as possible) afternoons

  • Frozen sing-alongs
  • negotiating the battlefield of two toddlers and a baby playing with the same toy
  • counting down to the 5 o'clock hour
  • everyone around the table
  • a couple of kids who are constantly being told to "sit down at the table"
  • post-dinner games of memory
  • everyone in the tub
  • early bedtimes
  • picking up too many toys again
  • snatched moments of "me" time 
  • snatched moments of "us" time
  • collapsing into a comfortable, fluffy, never-made-because-why-bother bed
  • night wakings
  • a pep talk the next morning to motivate myself to go at it for another day

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