Monday, March 17, 2014

Post Weekend

Actually, I hardly even knew it WAS the weekend, since virtually every day is the same now.  

Which is fine, just that Saturday and Sunday (and for that matter Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, etc.) have basically no meaning anymore.  It's weird.

So the weekend (which could have been any day) looked like holding two cute babies...

...including a little lump of a man, shown in his favorite "frogger" position...

...and a little Daddy-Daughter Nap Time...

...AND some sparkly new bling for mommy!

Just don't call it a "push present".  I hate that term.  It's so tacky.  And to me that's not what it's really for, anyway.  Yes, I endured nine-ish months of pregnancy, (a twin pregnancy, mind you).  And yes I did go through a labor and delivery that actually included three full freaking hours of pushing.  But to me this gift is not really for that.  Hubby did plenty during those months to help me out and make me comfortable, which is worth more than any piece of jewelry.  For me this ring is a keepsake, a beautiful way to mark the occasion of our twins' birth.  Would our twins have been enough?  You bet.  But of course diamonds never hurt.  ;)   Our culture marks every other occasion with gifts, often extravagant ones, so what makes a gift after childbirth so different?  You could use the "shouldn't ______ be enough?" argument for almost any event.  High school or college graduation?  "Shouldn't your diploma/education be enough?"  Engagement/wedding? "Shouldn't finding a partner for the rest of your life be enough?"  They are enough, but this marks the start of two new lives, the start of our family, no different from how my wedding ring symbolizes the start of our marriage.

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