Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Year 3

3 years ago, we pledged the whole, "til death do us part" thing.  Surrounded by all of our family and friends, which was so cool to think that they were all there just for us.  It was, to put it modestly, the best, most perfect day ever (*ahem* because I may or may not have planned every last. freaking. detail).  Though of course we didn't know exactly what we were getting into.  Ours isn't a new story, I don't think anyone knows what they are getting into with marriage.  How can you until you do it?  Life is crazy.  And for us, throw in moving to a brand new city a week after getting married, a husband pursuing his PhD, a wife job hunting...then job losing...then hunting all over again, moving to a new apartment, plus the various minutiae of plain old everyday life, and 3 years fly by and get even crazier. Not to mention that little did we know, very soon...

2 little babies would be on their way to us.  At the same time.  We are so excited for our little twins and this next phase of life and marriage.  And, let's be honest, we're a little psyched out.  I mean, girl loves a full night's sleep.  But, c'mon, two babies?!?  That's pretty awesome.  And just like three years ago, I'm sure we have absolutely no idea what we're in for.  We didn't know what we were getting into with marriage, and we don't know what we're in for now as we're about to be parents.  To twins.  Good Lord.  But that's ok, because in the end, we only have...

1 life, together, (oh gosh, that was pretty corny, huh?  I know, I'm sorry.), and he's really a pretty good guy to hang out and do life with.  We have fun, and life is about to get even more crazy, so I guess I'll keep him around...for at least another three years or so.  ;)

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