Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moving. Boo.

Hubby and I are moving this weekend.  

Moving sucks. I've moved 12 times in the past 6 years (back and forth between Iowa and Minnesota, and then to Madison).  Hasn't made me like it any better.  Packing, trying to eat up food, more packing, cleaning, packing, moving boxes, packing, etc., etc., etc.  Boo.  

Not that I'm not excited to move.  I'm just excited for it to be done.

So I've been preparing and thinking about moving a lot.  And then I realized that I had approximately 0 photos of our current apartment.  Which is kind of important, since this is the first place hubby and I ever lived together,  for the first 11 months of our marriage.  And despite all of it's smallness (800ish square feet) and quirks, I'm probably going to want to remember it someday.  So here it is.

Bedroom/office.  You can see why I'm excited to move since this is what the room looked like about 97.348075% of the time...aka Tyson on his computer.  Ok, that's a lie.  Usually the bed wasn't made.  Anyway, only 5 more days before having a bedroom that is ONLY a bedroom, and an office that is ONLY an office!
At first I thought the bathroom was strangely proportioned and overly large (compared to the rest of the place), but I came to love the extra space and it grew on me.
Disclaimer:  This is our kitchen in the raw.  I took this photo pretty much right after we ate dinner one night.  Before anyone bothered to take the time to clean it up (ahem, hubby).  This is probably a more accurate representation, anyway.
This is what I am going to miss most about our ENTIRE apartment.  Seriously.  The little ledge behind the kitchen sink is GENIUS.  Good bye, ledge. 
Dining room/living room/ignore all of the boxes and dirty plates.  I already told you nobody cleaned anything before I took pictures.  Whatever, honestly.
Ok, so the bookcase is coming with us.  But I still like it.
And I had to include the top of the bookcase, because I love everything on it.  And I'm not sure that my favorite part of it (the willow branch decoration thing) will make it to our new apartment in one piece, and I really kind of like him.  It was part of the floral arrangements at our wedding reception, and still looks beautiful, even dried.  However dried = brittle.  I packed it up with a ton of paper and labeled the box "SHANNON TOUCHES ONLY!!!".  So we'll see what happens. 

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